What Do You Do When You’re Allergic to Your Pet?

Freak out? Get mad? Ponder what life is really all about?

Besides the above, I would suggest going to an allergist.

I made my first trip to the allergist last Saturday and after 43 arm scrapes (a form of allergy testing) I found out it’s official: I am allergic to rabbits and the hay I feed them. What a double whammy that was.

After getting prescribed a bunch of different medicines (one of which is putting a damper on my mood and weight!), I ran out to Bed, Bath & Beyond and bought a HEPA air cleaner. I also cleaned every inch of my room with a vacuum and towels.

It is unfortunate because since I still live at home with my family, I have no choice but to keep the rabbits in my bedroom. It’s their home too. And moving them outside is not an option–for many reasons.

So until my second round of allergy tests this upcoming Saturday, I really won’t know what to do besides what I’ve already done.

No more jumping onto my bed for Pup and Luna. I always love cuddling with them in bed, but now we have to move the cuddling to the floor. Sometimes I’d even fall asleep while Pup was laying on my bed at night. It sounds silly but it is such a precious sight and was comforting in a way. There’d also be times where I’d wake up in the middle of the night from him jumping up onto my bed and hopping around.

I have severe asthma, especially with the mold and pollen in full-swing, and now the rabbits are just adding to it. It really is an unfavorable situation. My rabbits are my life!

Here are some measures that I learned can help and if you are going through the same thing, they can help you too:

  • Vacuum regularly
  • Brush your pet outside regularly to rid the amount of stray fur floating around
  • Buy a HEPA (high-efficiency particulate air) filter
  • Clean room regularly
  • For those who have rabbits and are allergic to the hay, like me–buy a large bin to store hay in. Store bin in garage. Transfer hay to a separate bag whenever you have to feed the rabbit hay so the particles don’t get in your room. (It may be a bit more effort, but I guess I have no choice if it will help my situation)
  • Don’t let them on your bed anymore! 😦
My sweet Pup now has been moved to the floor.
My sweet Pup now has been moved to the floor.


  1. I am allergic to Speedy to as well as hayfever,so I take my tablets and sometimes Eye drops and live with it I wouldn’t have it any other way,Speedy gets his cuddles as normal,I’ve always been allergic to my buns,but I won’t give them up,xx Rachel

  2. Oh you poor thing! I can’t imagine being allergic to my furry baby. I have to admit I’ve threatened to throw people out when they complain about my bunny aggravating their allergies. As I pointed out to my brother, the bunny was here first! 🙂
    Hopefully, you guys can find the right combination of medicine and cuddles!
    XOXO Meaghan and Scarlett

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