Pup’s 3rd Birthday

20140803_161221 pup grid easter pup small pup

What a bad bunny mama I am! Okay, not really, but I forgot to post for Pup’s 3rd birthday which was last Friday. I don’t know the exact date but he was born in August 2011 so I decided to make it August 15, the middle of every month. 🙂

With out him, I wouldn’t be who I am right now. It’s sounds cliche but it’s true. I see him in every animal and that being said, I have developed such a strong love and connection to all animals. I wouldn’t be a volunteer, I wouldn’t feel so strongly about animal welfare, and I would probably consume a lot of meat. But thanks to this guy, my life is 1000x better. I cannot imagine my life with out him. I look forward to coming home to him every day. He has got such a spunky personality (a vet even said so!) and he always does something to keep me entertained. So here’s to another 7 years more, at least, with my baby boy. He makes me laugh, has taught me so much about rabbits in general, and just makes me a better person. I love him so much!

Who says animals can’t be your best friend? After all, he is mine!



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