Rabbit Found with Ears Cut Off & Broken Leg

Seems like cases of animal abuse are not stopping. This one in particular hits home because of course, it’s a rabbit.

According to the RSPCA news (Australia), on Sunday, October 12, a rabbit with 1 broken leg and both ears cut off was found in a park. 

That alone is enough to enrage me. 

This is obviously a domestic rabbit so it had to have been someone’s pet. 

After being discovered it was taken to a 24-hour emergency hospital by the RSPCA.

Yorkshire vets took over the rabbit’s care and decided to name him Yorkie.

Unfortunately, although Yorkie was given pain medication and was taken in for surgery for his back leg, he did not survive. 

He underwent too much trauma and he was unable to recover. 

Rabbit with ears cut off © RSPCA

The RSPCA is currently looking for any information on who the abuser is.  


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