2 Horses Meet Their Demise at the Melbourne Cup

Back in June I wrote this when the Belmont Stakes were just around the corner. I talked about the inhumane treatment horses are put through to be prepared for these races that people enjoy drinking to and betting on so much.

Today I found out that after the Melbourne Cup, 2 horses died due to injuries.

Admire Rakti, followed by fellow runner Araldo were the 2 horses.

Admire Rakti, who won the Caulfield Cup in October, died after collapsing back at the stalls just five minutes after finishing last in the Cup. Araldo, on the other hand, was returning to the mounting yard when a young boy waved a white flag in the horse’s face, causing him to freak out. He leapt forward, jumping the steel rail, and shattered a hind pastern bone in the process.

As if horses weren’t stressed out enough from the training, being overworked, and the actual race itself…

Araldo’s trainer Mike Moroney said veterinary surgeons tried desperately to save his horse’s life. At about 8pm, Araldo died.

This brings me to the question that I asked last time: is it really worth it? To the thousands of people who yell, cheer, and shout in the stands, yes. But to the people like us who care about animal welfare, no.

Ward Young, spokesman for the Coalition for the Protection of Racehorses, said in the past year about 125 horses have died during or shortly after a race.

What will it take for this awful “sport” to end? More deaths?

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