Being a Volunteer

Volunteering is a selfless act of promoting goodness or improvement of life. Volunteers perform tasks from the generosity of their own hearts. When an individual volunteers for an organization or cause it is usually because they are extremely passionate about the subject. Volunteers aren’t compensated financially, they are simply taking time from their own schedule and life to do good things. 

I chose to volunteer for many reasons but here are some:

  • I absolutely love animals
  • I am more concerned with the well-being of animals than anything else
  • Animals don’t have voices like humans do and that being said, they can not easily defend themselves when becoming trapped or hunted
  • I want an eventual career in animal care and I think the best way to start at this time in my life is to become a volunteer and familiarize myself more so I can make a difference

Pretty reasonable, right? I have so much respect for others who donate their time for a specific cause. No one is making them do it except for them and that says a lot about an individual.

If it were not for my rabbit, Pup, I wouldn’t be doing half the things I am doing today. It’s amazing how a small animal can have an immense impact on one’s life.

What'd ya think?

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