I am not a vegan. I think to become a vegan takes an enormous amount of strength. Maybe one day I can become one but for now, vegetarianism is what I’ve been following.

I’ve mentioned this in past posts numerous times but what made me call it quits with meat was the documentary Food Inc.

I’ve just found out about the documentary Earthlings and by reading many synopsis’ and reviews, I could not ever watch it. ANYthing that has to do with animal torture, death, etc. will simply scar me for life. I am an extremely sensitive human being and witnessing the look on a cow’s face before he gets his throat slit, the look on a fox’s face before he’s skinned alive, or the looks of many puppies’ eyes in cruel puppy mills will have me bawling my eyes out for days. I just cannot handle that nonsense. 

I wish I could watch it though because I want to be more educated. 

But it’s those gruesome images that are enough to get someone to think and put their life–and animals’ lives–in perspective and think, “Is this piece of bacon really worth it?”

To eliminate meat from the diet is extremely hard. I mean, I still crave burgers, especially when the smell hits my nose. But I want zero part in consuming an innocent’s animals meat. No way. 

But I know that there are some of you out there who have the heart to watch this doc and go vegetarian/vegan. Yes it will haunt you for weeks but it will be rewarding not taking part in this cruel cycle.

Someone once asked me if I got mad when I see people eating meat and my answer was no. I cannot control other people’s diets/choices. To be honest I do get melancholy every now and then at restaurants or when I see my dad preparing steak for dinner. But what I can do is create the awareness and maybe make people realize that animals undergo an immense amount of pain and suffering for human consumption.

This doc isn’t just about meat it’s also about pets (spaying and neutering), clothes (fur, leather), entertainment (circuses, horse racing, rodeos), and research (cosmetic, drug, food testing). JUST to name a few…

What’s out of sight is out of mind, a number of people think … “Well yeah, if I don’t see it going on, it doesn’t affect me.” That’s plain ignorance. You need to know the facts. You need to know what exactly you are wearing and think about what it took to get there. 

An example: a rabbit/guinea pig/rat getting perfume/lotion/soap rubbed in his eye and skin to test for allergic reactions. If you want to see for yourself, simply Google “animal lab testing.”

So if you think you can handle horrific sights in the documentary Earthlings, then by all means, please watch it. I commend you. Because I know I can’t.

What'd ya think?

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