“Oops, I let the cow in.”

Most see cows as food but the animal lovers see cows as friends. If you are part of the latter you will surely enjoy this video. 

Izzy the little cow was let (aka snuck) in by her human friend and gets caught by her mother.

Cuteness quickly ensues, as the calf curls up with the little girl and cuddles with her.

Videos like this just go to show that cows have feelings too. Their sole purpose in life is not to be killed for food, leather, etc. but it’s to live a life filled with love and the normalcy every animal should have. It pains me to imagine the cruelty they go through daily for the meat/fashion industry.

Izzy thinks she’s a dog actually. In the video she’s just seen chillin’ on the porch with her dog friend and the cute little human who let her in. 

The woman behind the camera, aka the adorable girl’s mom, said in the comments, “She [Izzy] was very sick when she arrived..her mother gave birth to her in a swamp in late November she almost froze and nearly drowned. She didn’t have very good chance of surviving..as she developed pneumonia and had water in her lungs..She of course is a bottle baby so human touch and interaction is all she knew. She came here only a few days old…and I let my little girl bond with her as much as she wanted”

I’d love to have a cow one day (besides live on a farm). Learning about their mannerisms and developing a connection with them would be simply amazing.

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