Love Me Back to Life

If you’re familiar with my blog, I’m sure you remember me mentioning the California based rescue group, Hope for Paws. Their latest dog rescue video was posted today and I thought I’d reflect on it because it seems to be a common occurrence for abandoned pets. 

This video focused on a dog whose family moved away and left her there at the house alone. They didn’t bother to bring her along with them or even drop her off at a shelter. They simply picked up and left.

Of course, when a dog is left vulnerable and sees strangers they become defensive and may bark, growl, or run away from those coming towards them. That’s what this dog named Madison did. Luckily there was nowhere for the dog escape to so she gained the rescuer’s trust and was swiftly brought to the pet hospital for a bath and health check. Fortunately this video had a happy ending and she is currently being fostered. Here is the video below:

It just bothers me that people choose to get a pet and later on in life decide they don’t need/want it anymore. No animal should be neglected like that. They don’t know what’s going on. They were probably still waiting for their owners to return. If someone doesn’t want their pet anymore they should have the decency to surrender it to an animal shelter at least.

Thank goodness for Hope for Paws!

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