Rabbits: Do They Predict the Future?

What is your thought process when deciding on the perfect name for your pet bunny? Do you base it off appearance, personality, or whatever sounds cute? There are so many creative and fun bun names out there and it’s interesting to see what people come up with. Well, UK petcare specialists Burgess recently collected the names of almost 1000 bunnies and made a top ten list.

All of the girly names have grown in popularity over the years for babies, with names like Rosie, Lola, and Willow shooting up through the ranks–names which were already featured in the Burgess Bunny Top Ten.

This survey also taught the petcare specialists that rabbit owners may have a bit of an influence on mamas who name their own babies. It even inspired UK baby safety brand, Lindam, to look at their popular names and run their own survey. They asked their followers if they would consider some of the most popular bunny names for their new baby girls. The results showed that 40% of them would!

Are you ready to see the top ten bunny names? (Bonus: cute and cuddly bunnies included!)

Top 10 Rabbit Names:

1. Poppy

Poppy: the most popular name by 5 votes.
Poppy: the most popular name by 5 votes.

2. Rosie

This Rosie is on a grooming spree!

3. Willow

3 willow
Willow, just like the elegant tree!

4. Daisy

4 daisy
Daisy, another name from the flower family.

5. Lily

5. lily
Lily, yet again another lovely flower name.

6. Lola

6 lola
Lola, a beautiful name for a beautiful rabbit.

7. Thumper

7 thumper
Thumper, the classic bunny name. Reminiscent of the cheeky rabbit in Bambi…

8. Luna

8 luna
Luna: Harry Potter inspired? Or the beautiful glowing moon in the night sky? Luna is Latin for moon.

9. Bella

9 bella
Bella means beautiful in Italian. It may have also been inspired from Bella of Twilight.

10. Charlie

10 charlie
Last but not least we have Charlie. Charlie can be either a boy or girl name!

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