February: Adopt a Rescued Rabbit Month

Alright bunny lovers, if you didn’t already know, February is Adopt a Rescued Rabbit Month. When you adopt a rabbit, or any animal for that manner, you are improving it’s life. You are bringing it into your home, providing it with food, love, and care. You are also freeing up space in shelters so more abandoned/neglected/hurt rabbits can have a place to live until they get adopted.

It’s a whole process and the pros most definitely outweigh the cons. In fact, there aren’t any cons to adopting a rabbit. You will simply fall in love with their unique personalities and their cute little habits.

Random rabbit fact: REW’s (ruby-eyed whites) aka New Zealand Whites along with all black rabbits are breeds that are the least likely to get adopted.

Why? Well, people love cute. Who doesn’t want a cute pet? Some may think all blacks look boring (as an owner of two I can tell you, in fact, that they are not boring!). As for the New Zealand Whites, people think they are “creepy” looking because of their red/ruby eye color. Well guess what? According to rabbit.org, they are known to be the friendliest and sweetest breed! 

Read the chart below to learn more about this gracious breed or click here to see an enlarged photo:


Here are 5 terrific reasons to adopt a rabbit this month, or any month for that matter!

  • Rabbits are easy to please with simple foods.

Yup. As long as they get their hay and fresh leafy greens they are satisfied.

  • They’re eco-friendly!

What do you mean, eco-friendly? Well, they love chewing on things. Take it from me. You don’t have to throw away those old phone books, paper towel/toilet paper rolls (ones with out the glue), or cardboard boxes! Rabbit’s teeth don’t stop growing so they are always chewing on things to file down those chompers.

  • They help reduce stress.

Watching them play, hop around happily, groom themselves, or flop on the ground has a calming affect. According to onegreenplanet.org and pets.webmd.com,

Simply petting a bunny on your lap can reduce the stress hormone cortisol and increase your happiness by releasing serotonin. Snuggling up and cuddling with a bunny can even lower blood pressure.

  • They’re natural comedians.

No, seriously, I laugh at Pup every darn day. Luna too, but Pup is the comedic bun. Just watching him flick his feet as he’s hopping away from me (a sign of annoyance), binky about (happy jump), or even groom himself for almost an hour straight, always makes me laugh. This goes along with the above fact!! Watching them eat is great too. The way they chew and make noise when they eat is simply adorable and hilarious.

  • And lastly, they will offer you long-lasting companionship.

And what is better than that. You’ll have a new best friend. You’ll look forward to coming home at the end of the day. You’ll have them to snuggle with. They’re just a big life improvement overall. 

Adopt a rabbit. You won’t regret it!


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