The Simplicity of Animals

I am sitting on the floor of my bedroom typing away on my laptop and there is only one thing slowing me down.

A furry black ball of in the form of my rabbit Pup is a mere inch away from my right elbow. Every once in awhile between tonight’s grooming session, he will poke his head onto my keyboard and silently beg for pets. But I don’t mind. 

When he’s had enough (which is seldom) he will hop a few steps away and start to groom himself endlessly. During this act his head bounces up and down while he stands on his hind legs and continues licking. You would never guess that rabbits are so compulsive about keeping their coat neat and in place. If a section of fur is standing the opposite way–forget about it.

Post-groom session
Post-groom session

Pup is an interesting character. Everybody thinks their pet is the most interesting pet alive which isn’t a bad thing. It’s just that a non-rabbit owner would never guess how expressive and intuitive these creatures are. 

Rabbits are sneaks…mischievous little fellas. It all depends on the rabbit himself but the two I’ve been blessed with are pretty clever. 

Pup loves rummaging through my bedroom trash can. So much, in fact, that I had to move it to where he couldn’t get it. And boy, rabbits love a challenge. But before I moved the trash can Pup found a way of getting inside. He used his nose to nudge the trash right next to my desk chair. After the trash was in a good spot, Pup jumped onto my chair and dove headfirst into the can. Not for long though, because I heard him rustling through it, like a raccoon would scavenge through your garbage, and went to his aid (not that he needed it). 

Luna, on the other hand, decided to take it upon herself to rip into the large bag of hay I keep behind the gate in my room (aka the “no rabbit trespassing zone”). This gate is set up securely but this little squeaker used her nose (notice a theme here with the noses?) with all her might and managed to slide the gate aside. She then proceeded to bite multiple holes into the bag of hay, having her own delicious feast. Apparently the hay she already had in her cage wasn’t good enough. The only thing this resulted in was a gigantic mess for me to clean when I got home. 

There is no doubt in my mind that no matter what animal you own (or decide to own in the future) he/she will never fail to amuse you with their silly antics. And what may seem silly to you may not be to them. They are all-business, determined little buggers. Even if their antics get them into trouble at times we need to learn to laugh. Their lives are so much simpler than ours and we should learn from them that ours can be simple too.

Go to your local shelter and consider adopting a homeless animal today. It will make a difference in their world and yours.

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