Victory for the Majestic: Elephants to be Phased From Ringling Bros. Circus

The good news: After countless efforts from animal rights organizations, elephants will finally start to be phased out of Ringling Bros. Circus acts.

The bad news: All elephant performances will end by 2018. 

“Why not now?” is the question being asked by elephant supporters around the country. 

According to PETA, the organization has been protesting Ringling Bros. cruelty to elephants for 35 years. There has been an undercover video released of violent baby elephant training. There have been reports of baby elephants dying due to injuries, drowning, and some being forced to perform even though they were ill. If that isn’t cruel, I don’t know what is.

So really, why not now?

Three years is too long for a mother elephant separated from her calf, too long for a baby elephant beaten with the sharp fireplace-poker like weapons called bullhooks that Ringling handlers use routinely, too long for an animal who would roam up to 30 miles a day in the wild to be kept in shackles. — from the full article on 

However, although myself nor animal rights organizations do not like or accept what Ringling has been doing to their animals, I do have to give them credit to recognize the problem and do something about it. I am extremely happy for these elephants who will not have to live in cages, be beaten with hooks, forced to perform, and overall, be treated cruelly.

So now that elephants are getting their happy ending, what about all of the other wild animals that are used in Ringling? Will we get to see their happy ending? All us supporters can do at this point is keep on doing what we’ve been doing. Keep the protests going, keep the investigations cracking, and keep the revealing articles flowing. Let’s keep pounding the pavement with relentless determination and dedication. 

All animals deserve freedom. It’s up to us to give it back to them. 

Let them be free.

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