Bonded Bunnies

For those who remember me mentioning that I had lost all hope in Pup and Luna becoming bonded bunnies, you’ll be surprised to find out that they are now friends and have been for a good two months!!


That’s right. I can now call them brother and sister and it’s obvious they really love each other. Pup used to be so aggressive, especially with her, but now he is totally submissive around her. He always lowers his head when she’s near him and flops on the ground (hoping she’ll flop right next to him). Sometimes she won’t acknowledge this (probably to get him back for all of the times he growled and nipped at her) and other times she’ll lay down right next to him, giving me the perfect opportunity to snap a photo. 


I couldn’t be happier that this new neutral environment has helped my bunnies become friends. And I can now say that I have two bonded bunnies! I don’t have to worry about separating them anymore or letting them out at different times while making sure they both get equal amounts of exercise time. Now they can be out all day, every day together and gallivant around the room to their little heart’s content. 

Luna: “what’re you lookin’ at lady?”

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