Instagram Feature: Dart the Rat

Hi everyone! It’s been soo long since I have featured a cute critter that I follow on Instagram. Lately, I’ve been thinking a lot about rats and how I would like to rescue some when I get a house of my own. To some, they are seen as vermin or lab animals. To others they are seen as intelligent beings who would make a great house pet.

I will be talking about the latter and have a special rat friend named Dart who I want to introduce to you.

Before I tell you about Dart, here are a few fun facts about rats:

  1. They love to be pet in certain spots
  2. They can be easily trained and respond to their name
  3. They can sense moods (so interact with them when you’re feeling good and calm!)
  4. They are interactive, social, and very intelligent
  5. Thanks to their long tail they have a very acute sense of balance; therefore, they are excellent climbers

On Instagram, frankandkikibuns is actually a rabbit account but they also post pictures of their 3-year-old rat, Dart. 

rat 3
Frank and Kiki

Imogen, the owner of rabbits Frank and Kiki as well as Dart, got Dart along with his brother Buttons from a breeder. Unfortunately Buttons passed away in February.

rat 2
Gettin’ wild

Dart is a rex. Rex’s are known for their curly hair and whiskers as well as their sweetness, intelligence, and good-natured disposition. They are said to make a good starter pet for kids. 

rat 5
Hammock and chill

A typical day in the life of Dart consists of chilling out in his bed in the top of his cage or hanging out on the couch with his mama. At first, he didn’t like his bunny siblings, but now he isn’t bothered by them. They usually spend their time apart since Dart is getting old. Sadly, rats usually live up to the age of three.

rat 4
Window watching

Dart is currently on twice daily medication for his sniffles and he just had minor surgery to remove a cyst on his back. He lets his owners clean his back three times a day and has become very trusting and understanding with them (as long as he gets some baby food after!).

Before Dart and his human family moved, he used to live with his brother Buttons and five other rats.

rat 1
Dart and his crew

A funny story about Dart happened a few weeks ago when Dart and his bunny siblings went to get their photo taken with Santa Claus. Dart pooped on Santa’s lap!

rat 6
Santa’s helpers ❤ 

He’s also quite the popular ratty at his local vet. He spends his time getting cuddles and massages (which he loves).

Although Dart may not have a long time left, his family plans on keeping him comfortable and pain free until he crosses over the Rainbow Bridge.

Follow Dart, along with Frank and Kiki, on their Instagram account linked above!

Image result for rat clipart black and white

To rescue these lovely creatures from being lab-tested on or sold for food, please contact your local shelter, rescue, humane society, or SPCA organization!


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