Luna, an artist’s latest muse

Hey! I thought that this was so cool. So I posted this photo to the House Rabbit Society Facebook group. It’s basically a group to post cute pictures of your bunny as well as ask questions, share articles, etc. 

Luna, staring off into the distance. Mostly likely thinking about eating her next batch of hay.

I mean, doesn’t she look stoic as heck?! An artist by the name of Kimberly Santini fell in love with the picture and messaged me asking my permission if she could paint Luna. Of course I obliged.

This was her first painting:

Acrylic paint on copper

This was Kimberly’s second painting:

Sunny Luna.jpg
Luna masquerading as Apollo, the Sun God

It’s amazingly beautiful and I am honored she chose to depict Luna in such a cool way. It’s also a crazy thought that this will end up in a gallery or somebody’s home one day.

This is the artist’s Facebook page:

Hope you enjoyed these as much as I did!

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