Before I start, who thinks Pup and Luna should be the spokesbuns for OxBow Timothy Hay? I mean, they’re hay crazy.


Timothy hay is the best thing a rabbit can eat. Rabbits should eat their body size in hay each day.

Disclaimer: don’t be scared if you find a dead bug, bird, or other field animal in your bag of hay. It has happened to me twice. It’s gross but it’s natural since the hay is gathered fresh at the source. I would call the store you bought the hay from (or if you ordered it online, customer service) and simply tell them what you found. They will either give you a refund or another bag for free. 

There are many types of hay to choose from. We like Timothy (even though I’m allergic to it–lots of hay dust). There is also Orchard, Alfafa, and Oat hays. 

*Both orchard, oat, and timothy hay belong to the group known as grass hay


  • Course and abrasive texture which helps file down teeth (important because a rabbit’s teeth never stop growing)
  • Relatively low in both protein and calories
  • Contains a low calcium content compared to other forms of hay such as alfalfa, which can help those who may be prone to getting bladder stones and crystallization of urine
  • Should be served to rabbits fresh, green, and dry
Timothy hay



  • A great alternative if you’re allergic to timothy hay
  • Lower in calcium
  • Softer than timothy
Orchard hay



  • Contains higher concentrations of protein and calcium compared to timothy hay
  • Can be too rich for your rabbit if consumed too much (rabbits are already prone to bladder stones)
  • Great for a baby or growing bunny (I used to feed Luna alfalfa when she was a wee bunny)
Alfalfa hay




  • Excellent source of fiber
  • A good alternative if your rabbit doesn’t like Timothy
Oat hay

Here’s a breakdown of the nutritional values of each hay:

Screen Shot 2016-05-19 at 6.25.00 PM.png


Screen Shot 2016-05-19 at 6.03.09 PM.png
See y’all later!









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