About the Animals

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Name: Pup

Nickname: Puppard, Bump

Born: August 2011

Breed: Alaskan

Likes: Getting stroked on the head, treaties, sprawling out on my tummy, and anything green & crunchy!

Dislikes: Being picked up, hands near my face (I will bite), and when Luna is running around my cage.


Name: Luna

Nickname: Miss Tuna, Fruna

Born: March 2013

Breed: Mini Lop

Likes: Binkying (jumping) and running around the room, my pellets, arugula and getting into a lot of trouble!

Dislikes: Getting picked up (I’m scared of heights!)


Name: Piper

Nickname: Honey Bone

Breed: Labrador hound beagle mix

(Found wandering the streets of Arkansas at 3 weeks old) 😦

Born: February 2013

Color: Gold

Likes: Belly rubs, attention, sniffing everything

Dislikes: Other dogs (at the moment) and strangers

This blog is mostly about the rabbits but Piper will be making a few appearances.


  1. I used to have a bunny that looks just like Luna!!! I miss him! His name was Pano Boy (I named him Penelope before I knew it was a boy).

    • Aww really? I love her breed of rabbit (I think it’s a mini lop? Not sure I know the diff of lop breeds) they’re so freakin cute. ❤ Any photos ? 🙂

      • Yep, Pano was a mini lop. The cutest of bunnies in my opinion :). I would have to dig up some photos though.

  2. I love how your family and I mostly like Pup and Piper. Luna is very cute but I can’t really get to know her because I don’t see many posts of her up. I’d really love to see her hopping around more on your blog for her, Pup and Piper.

    • Luna is SUPER shy and skiddish. She hardly comes up to me and when she does and I try to pet her, she bolts away. So it’s hard to get close to her. She has been that way ever since I got her 2 years ago. She is just a very scared bunny girl. ❤

      • Hi Pup. I just wanted to update you on one of my new posts called Momar the Great because I though you might be interested in checking it out. I’ll let you know as soon as I can when I get Momar’s blog name. Tula and Momar are in it and I wrote it so it was like a poem.

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