Random Rabbit Facts

Random Rabbit Facts

Rabbits can run up to 35 miles per hour

Rabbits have a phenomenal sense of smell, vision, and hearing–they have nearly 360° panoramic vision (except their only blind spot is right above their nose)

When very happy, rabbits do a “binky“–a jump they do by twisting in the air and flicking their feet

Periscoping is when rabbits stand on their hind legs and survey the area

Pup scoping
Pup scoping

When a rabbit thumps his/her feet it is a sign of danger, fright, or anger

Rabbits do not need to be–and should not be–bathed. They are self-grooming creatures

Pup washing his face
Pup washing his face
Cleanin' self
Cleanin’ self

When you are petting a rabbit and it starts licking the ground, or your hand, he/she is giving you their sign of affection by “grooming” you back

Rabbits pur too! Instead their purring is created by softly grinding their teeth which creates a clicking noise

Rabbis are quiet animals but do give out the occasional groan, moan, growl, or in worse cases, screams (you never want to hear a rabbit scream)

Baby rabbits are called kits or kittens

They are very lovable

If treated right, of course!
If treated right, of course!

A male rabbit is referred to as a buck and a female is referred to as a doe

Rabbits who are spayed/neutered can live up to 8-12 years

Rabbits have 28 teeth and 18 toes!!

Their teeth never stop growing


Rabbits can jump up to roughly 6 feet high thanks to their powerful hind legs

Rabbits are very curious animals

They love burrowing into anything, really

Tearin' up the rug
Tearin’ up the rug

Rabbits are easily stressed, as they are animals of prey

They do not like loud and sudden noises

Most rabbits do not like being picked up

When a rabbit walks away from you and flicks their back feet, it means they are annoyed with you (Pup does this often hehe)

Although portrayed as a main source of food through cartoons, books, and movies, rabbits should be given carrots strictly as treats (1-2 times a week at most)

Intensely Eating a Baby Carrot
Intensely Eating a Baby Carrot

The “bunny flop” is a sign of utmost relaxation and happiness

Bunny FLOP.
Bunny FLOP.


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